2017-2018 Community Grants

Cancer Patient Support Foundation - Williston, VT

Cancer Patient Support Program
Cancer Patient Support Foundation Emergency Fund
P.O. Box 1804
Williston, VT

CPSF works with area social workers and medical providers throughout our coverage area to ensure that all patients have knowledge of and access to our emergency fund.  The Emergency Fund helps cancer patients with everyday financial needs. This program is designed to allow cancer patients the funds they need to get to treatment and have the highest quality of life.

Central Vermont Medical Center - Barre, VT

Central Vermont Medical Center
Affordable Breast Imaging at CVMC
P.O. Box 547
Barre, VT

Breast cancer screening still costs women money, despite laws and programs that cover most women’s circumstances.  This is an obstacle to women getting screened. 
Komen funds will be used as an option for helping women with breast imaging out-of-pocket costs. Women who are given assistance will complete their recommended breast imaging exams.

Charles River Community Health - Boston, MA

The Breast Health Program at CRCH
Charles River Community Health
495 Western Avenue
Boston, MA

By increasing the number of women who have access to screenings and primary care, the Program leads to a reduction in the incidence of late-stage cancer diagnoses among medically-underserved women in Allston/Brighton and Waltham. We utilize comprehensive patient navigation and community outreach to bring low-income, medically-underserved women into care. Patient navigators work to remove financial, linguistic, cultural, and transportation barriers to accessing care and preventive screenings. Navigators schedule screening appointments, provide client education, and link to other resources, including insurance enrollment assistance or transportation assistance. Clinical case managers track screening results, provide health education, and refer women to free treatment.

Cornell Scott Hill Health Center - New Haven, CT

Patient Navigation for Breast Health
Cornell Scott Hill Health Center
400-428 Columbus Ave
New Haven, CT 06519-1233

Our target community is Black and Hispanic women (age 40+) in New Haven County. This community experiences high rates of late-stage breast cancer diagnosis. To increase this community’s breast cancer screenings, our Breast Health Patient Navigator (BHPN) will: identify patients who have never had a mammogram or are overdue for one; educate patients on the importance of having a mammogram; Schedule patients for free screening and diagnostic mammograms; remind patients of scheduled mammograms and re-schedule appointments if needed; assist patients who screen positive with follow-up (x-rays/referrals) and; refer patients who screen positive for breast cancer to support groups.

Fair Haven Community Health Center - New Haven, CT

Fair Haven Mobile Mammography Program
Fair Haven Community Health Center
372 Grand Avenue
New Haven, CT

Fair Haven Mammography Screening Program is a project designed to increase the availability of mammography services to uninsured, inner-city women, as well as women who have never had a mammogram before. Through the efforts of a Patient Navigator we will accomplish the following goals: Schedule patients for appointments at Yale-New Haven Hospital’s mobile mammography van on-site; and Provide support and referrals for patients who need additional evaluation for an abnormal result or diagnosis of breast cancer


Family Health Center of Worcester - Worcester, MA

Breast Health Outreach and Navigation for Low-Income, Under-served Populations
Family Health Center of Worcester
26 Queen St,
Worcester, MA

Family Health Center of Worcester proposes to hire and train a Breast Health Navigator to use the evidence-based Forsythe County Cancer Screening (FoCaS) Project as a program guide to improve screening rates among culturally diverse, low-income women by identifying barriers to screening and addressing the barriers through a combination of clinic in-reach and community outreach strategies. The navigator will reduce mammography disparities in Central MA, increasing the number of mammograms in the next year by 25. This initiative will increase awareness of breast health & the need for mammograms among low income, culturally diverse women demonstrated by outreach tracking and increased mammography rates. 

Hartford Hospital - Hartford, CT

Take the Time Mobile Mammography Program
Hartford Hospital
80 Seymour Street
Hartford, CT

Hartford Hospital’s program targets vulnerable women in Hartford, New London and Windham Counties by providing convenient mobile mammography screening, through our “Take the Time” Mobile Mammography outreach program. We anticipate convenient access and financial support for early detection will ultimately improve clinical outcomes.

Hispanic Health Council - Hartford, CT

Cuidate/Take Care of Yourself Program
Hispanic Health Council, Inc.
175 Main Street
Hartford, CT

“Cuidate/Take Care of Yourself” is a culturally competent, community-based program that has increased early detection and treatment of breast cancer in Latinas and other low-income populations of the Greater Hartford area. The program will provide support throughout the cancer care continuum for Latinas and other women facing socioeconomic disparities. The program aims to decrease late-stage breast cancer rates and mortality rate by promoting breast health awareness through patient navigator-lead education and outreach, assuring the quality of care through patient navigation, and strengthening, coordinating, and collaborating with existing breast health resources and services in the Greater Hartford Area.

MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center - Chelsea, MA

Breast Cancer Patient Navigation Program
MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center
151 Everett Avenue
Chelsea, MA

MGH will leverage our community partnerships, experienced staff, and infrastructure to provide patient navigation following abnormal mammography or abnormal clinical findings to the underserved Massachusetts communities of Charlestown, Everett, and Revere, where residents often face multiple barriers to care. The Komen-funded community-based navigator will reach patients through MGH HealthCare Centers and provide them with effective patient navigation services, ensuring that patients who have an abnormal mammography or abnormal clinical findings arrive to a first appointment within 60 days and assisting all diagnosed patients through the Breast Health Continuum of Care.

Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center at Bridgeport Hospital - Fairfield, CT

Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center
Bridgeport Hospital
111 Beach Road #5
Fairfield, CT

This project will provide breast health services to uninsured, underinsured and newly insured women from high risk communities (Greater Bridgeport).  The program will raise awareness, remove barriers and increase access to screening by providing the following: innovative outreach program designed to increase awareness of breast health and breast care services; free and low cost CBEs, mammogram, ultrasounds and biopsies; and assistance and strategic case management from community to clinic to women who need help accessing health services.  Women are navigated throughout the entire breast cancer continuum of care, including the financial aspects of their care.

North Country Hospital and Health Center, Inc. - Newport, VT

Breast Cancer Outreach Project
North Country Hospital and Health Center
189 Prouty Dr
Newport, VT

North Country Hospital (NCH) serves a rural, impoverished population. While breast cancer incidence is comparable to VT, late stage breast cancer diagnosis rate exceeds the Komen target rate. NCH utilizes Komen funds to cover 60% of charges and assumes 40%. Covered services include clinical breast exams, screening or diagnostic mammograms, breast ultrasounds, biopsies. Lack of or under-insurance continue to emerge as obstacles to screening. Easy access to use of grant funds alleviates financial burdens for those who might otherwise decide not to be screened.

Northwestern Medical Center, Inc. - St. Albans, VT

The Northwestern Medical Center Breast Care Access
Northwestern Medical Center
133 Fairfield Street
St. Albans, VT

The Northwestern Medical Center (NMC) Breast Care Access Program will engage more women in the continuum of breast care at Northwestern Medical Center through partner and community outreach, breast care navigation, access to care programs and a new lymphedema education and screening program. The NMC Breast Care Access Program will demonstrate a 5% increase in women that have never or have not in the past 2 years received a mammogram and 56% increase in women utilizing breast care access programs. Currently, NMC sees a 25% rate of lymphedema among breast cancer patients. This new program will decrease this rate and improve health outcomes for breast cancer patients. 

Project Access New Haven - New Haven, CT

PA-NH Breast Health Navigation Program
Project Access New Haven
150 Sargent Avenue
New Haven, CT

The PA-NH Breast Health Navigation Program provides intensive patient navigation for underserved individuals with abnormal breast cancer screenings or breast cancer diagnoses. We coordinate timely diagnostic testing and treatment, remove barriers to care, and provide linguistically and culturally-competent education and support throughout the breast cancer continuum of care. This meets a critical need in New Haven by increasing breast cancer early detection and treatment for underserved patients, thereby reducing late-stage diagnoses, mortality rates, and related disparities.

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England

Breast Health Care for Uninsured and Low-Income Women
Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, Inc.

PPNNE works to increase early detection and treatment of breast cancer by providing affordable, accessible breast health care to low income women. Our 17 health centers in VT and NH provide breast exams, breast self-awareness/prevention education, cancer risk assessment, mammogram referrals, and referrals to genetic counselors/specialists with effective follow-up. We expect to increase CBE screening, catch more abnormalities, and ultimately contribute to early detection and reduced mortality.

Southwestern Vermont Health Care Foundation - Bennington, VT

SVMC Breast Care Program
Southwestern Vermont Health Care & Medical Center
100 Hospital Drive
Bennington, VT

The program will serve women in Bennington County, VT, who have insurance but may have a high-deductible plan or high co-pays for screening and diagnostic testing. The program has three goals: increase access to screening mammograms and diagnostic testing; raise awareness about the importance of early detection and the availability of funds for testing; and provide breast health navigation services and comforting support to women with breast cancer.

University of Connecticut Health- Farmington, CT

Community Heath Breast Navigator
University of Connecticut Health
263 Farmington Ave
Farmington, CT

Hartford County is a statistically identified breast cancer priority due to high late-stage diagnosis and high death rate.  The Community Breast Navigator (CBN) will reduce barriers and increase outreach to the underserved and uninsured.  West Hartford will be targeted with its high incidence rate and mortality rates. The expected changes this project will likely bring to the community include an increase in screenings, improved continuity of care, and decrease in barriers. 

University of Vermont College of Medicine - Burlington, VT

20th Annual Women’s Health and Cancer Conference
The University of Vermont Cancer Center
The Courtyard at Given
4th Floor North
89 Beaumont Avenue
Burlington, VT

The UVM Cancer Center’s annual Women’s Health and Cancer Conference serves more than 800 patients, providers, researchers, and others for a day of learning to educate and empower participants around cancer prevention, detection, treatment and survivorship. Now in its 20th year, the event will continue a tradition of bringing participants the newest information on a spectrum of topics relevant to reducing the burden of cancer. Content is developed by a committee of content experts in response to needs of patients in our region and in partnership with collaborators.

Witness Project CT - Bridgeport, CT

Learn and Link Patient Navigation Project
The Witness Project of CT, Inc.
2470 Fairfield Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06605

The Witness Project community based patient navigation project will link 200 underserved, low income, uninsured African American women to breast cancer screenings.  The Witness Project will provide culturally-and age-appropriate breast education to 500 women in faith based and community groups and one to one interventions. The navigator will review registration forms and interview women to determine barriers and will provide one to one navigation to ensure the woman receives screening, diagnostic services and when necessary link her to a clinical navigator. 

YWCA of Greater Lawrence - Lawrence, MA

Breast Health Outreach and Education Project
YWCA of Greater Lawrence
38 Lawrence Street
Lawrence, MA

YWCA Women’s Health Advocacy Services (WHAS) targets medically under-served Latinas in Greater Lawrence where 73% of the population is Latino, many of whom are immigrants. Barriers impeding their access to healthcare are language, lack of health insurance or knowledge of how to obtain it, lack of a primary care doctor, lack of knowledge about preventive care, inability to pay co-pays, and/or concern over immigration status. WHAS employs four part-time bilingual Health Ambassadors who change or even save lives by distributing information and making referrals for mammograms, scheduling mammograms, assisting in applying for health insurance, sending appointment reminders, and helping to arrange follow-up care. They hold charlas, small intimate information sessions in homes, churches, hair salons, and places familiar to Latinas. In 2015, 332 women were referred for mammograms, 273 received them, 59 are pending, and 146 enrolled in health insurance.