Meet the Models

Celebrity Model – Julia Scaparotti
New England Patriots Cheerleader/NESN Reporter

Julia Scaparotti, from Peabody, MA, works as an Assistant Digital Media Planner in the Media Hub division of Mullen Lowe advertising agency and spends nights and weekends around New England hosting and reporting for NESN’s Dirty Water TV. As a host of NESN’s entertainment news show, she has covered a variety of events and fundraisers. Julia also cheers for the 4x Super Bowl Champions, The New England Patriots. She has competed for the covenant title of Miss Massachusetts USA, and hopes to one day win the crown. Julia also works for the Miss Pink organization as the Media Relations Manager. She enjoys extreme sports in her free time and has been skydiving, bungee jumped in the Swiss Alps, jumped off the tallest building in Las Vegas, zip-lined, and has even gone swimming with sharks.


Celebrity Model – Medha Gandhi
Great-granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi/Producer of Matty in the Morning


Medha Gandhi, of Medford, MA, works as a producer for Kiss 108’s popular Matty in the Morning show. iHeart Radio Boston is the exclusive media partner of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Massachusetts. Gandhi, as her friends call her, says she originally thought she was going to be a politician, double majoring in Strategic Communications and Political Science while attending Ohio State University. She says she has known two women who were diagnosed with breast cancer in their twenties, and that really stuck with her so she enjoys every minute of her healthy life. Gandhi is participating in Catwalk because she says it will be a blast and it’s for a great cause. She supports Komen Southern New England because they provide necessary resources for those who need it the most and has met many people who have benefited from their work.


Breast Cancer Survivor Models

Carol Chaoui

Carol, from Wellesley, MA, was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer in 2009 and in August 2015, was diagnosed with Stage IV (metastatic) breast cancer. She can speak several languages and loves Wonder Woman! Carol supports Komen Southern New England because it helped her early on in her diagnosis and she was able to meet survivors of all ages. Her advice to women dealing with breast cancer is to try to find something you love and do it as often as possible, whether it’s art, exercising, or writing.

Christa Crewdson
Christa, from Arlington, MA, is a 15-year breast cancer survivor. She works as a drama teacher at Buckingham Browne & Nichols Middle School and is Mom to 7-year-old Callie. Christa also runs an improv troupe and is a published playwright. She supports Komen Southern New England because she says it feels like a family. Her advice to those diagnosed with breast cancer is to remember to keep living your life and don’t let this disease define who you are.
Cheryl Cuddy

Cheryl, from Dedham, MA, will soon celebrate 10 years as a breast cancer survivor. She has been the manager of the Dedham Middle School Cafeteria for 14 years. One interesting fact about Cheryl is that she is the biggest fan of Aerosmith, and she says listening to them helped her stay strong during treatment. She supports Komen Southern New England because she was able to meet a great group of people that cared and helped each other. Her advice for others is to try to stay positive and that laughter is the best medicine.

Angela Dias
Angela, of Quincy, MA, is an 8-year breast cancer survivor currently working as an IT Project Manager in healthcare services. She speaks multiple languages and loves traveling. Angela supports Komen Southern New England because she says it is one of the most active and trustful organizations in the fight against breast cancer in the world. Her advice for women dealing with breast cancer is that you can beat it. She says to be strong, be calm, and allow others to help you go through this obstacle and you will be victorious.
Theresa Keresztes
Theresa, from Wellesley, MA, is an 8-year breast cancer survivor. She enjoys painting so much that she says she loses track of time while doing it. Theresa is the founder of My Girls Skin Care Cream, which helps women that undergo breast radiation and suffer from skin side effects such as burns or rashes. She supports Komen Southern New England because it helps provide financial resources and support services to women that lack the funds to cover their treatments. Her advice to women dealing with breast cancer is to find a physician you love, spend time with supportive friends, and do the things you’ve always wanted to do.
Susan Lane
Susan, from Avon, CT, is a 14-year breast cancer survivor. She is the Director of Public Relations and Community Engagement for Hoffman Auto Group and is an active volunteer for multiple non-profit organizations throughout Connecticut. One interesting fact about Susan is that last year she rappelled over the side of a building to raise awareness and money for Komen Southern New England. She supports Komen Southern New England because it has a strong network of support services and ensures that every woman has the tools and care needed to prevent, fight, and overcome cancer. Her advice to women dealing with breast cancer is to surround yourself with uplifting people and take each day as a gift.
Pares Mallis

Pares, from Brookline, MA, is a 6-year breast cancer survivor. She works as a visual artist and gallery director. One interesting fact about Pares is that she lived in Greece for 13 years. She supports Komen Southern New England because she believes in the work they do and wants to continue spreading more awareness of this disease. Her advice to women dealing with breast cancer is that the disease doesn’t have to be considered a death sentence, but it requires a regiment and belief that you can overcome it.

Katie Marvinney
Katie, of Boston, MA, was first diagnosed with breast cancer on February 5, 2016. She is employed Dell EMC. One interesting fact about Katie is that she is the second oldest of four girls. She supports Komen Southern New England because of its local events, which have helped boost her spirits during tough times and allowed her to meet other breast cancer survivors and thrivers. Her advice for those dealing with this disease is to accept that you are going to have bad days, because there will be a better day coming soon.
Lindsay McGloughlin
Lindsay, from Ayer, MA, is a 3-year breast cancer survivor who works as a firefighter and paramedic. One interesting fact about Lindsay is that she had a pet goat named Tiffany when she was younger. She supports Komen Southern New England because it provides opportunities and funds local research in order to help women within the community. Her advice for those dealing with breast cancer is that even though it’s overwhelming to look at the big picture, it’s important to take one step at a time. Lindsay believes you will see how much love and support surrounds you and your fighting spirit will emerge.
Andrea Myette

Andrea, from Groton, MA, is an 18-year breast cancer survivor. She worked as a teacher before taking a leave of absence to explore other careers. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Andrea says it became a devastating time for her, but she was able to beat her diagnosis due to her family supporting her along the way. Andrea first became involved with Southern New England when her daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer at 28 years old. Together they have happily participated in walks and races for Komen, and now Catwalk for the Cure.

Maria Rodrigues
Maria, who resides in Everett, MA, is a 1-year breast cancer survivor. An interesting fact about Maria is that she learned to read and write while living in Brazil through the Adult Literacy Program. Maria has been married for 58 years and has 9 children and 9 grandchildren. She supports Komen Southern New England because she says she depends on them and she would like to see other patients receive the same services she did. Her advice to others battling breast cancer is to never give up and to have faith in God and medicine.
Debbie Secinaro

Debbie, of Attleboro, MA, is a 13-year breast cancer survivor. She is a medical coder/biller at South Shore Dermatology Physicians and in her free time she loves running and dancing. Through the wonderful care she received during surgery and treatment, Secinaro decided to give back by volunteering with Komen Southern New England. Since being with Komen, she has had the ability to meet wonderful people and hear their stories. One piece of advice that she has for women that have been diagnosed or are going through treatment is to keep their faith and surround themselves with positive people.

Lori Severo

Lori, from Woburn, MA, is a 7-year breast cancer survivor. She currently works as an Executive Assistant for New Balance. An interesting fact about Lori is that she wishes that she was a NASCAR driver. She supports Komen Southern New England because of the work it does for breast cancer awareness and also it empowered her to be stronger than before. Lori believes that anyone dealing with breast cancer should never give up or quit fighting.

Bernice Smith-Anzures
Bernice, of Westborough, MA, was diagnosed with breast cancer last November during her annual mammogram. One interesting thing about Bernice is that she played classical piano for 12 years. She says that she has received a lot of emotional support since connecting with Susan G. Komen Southern New England and even participated in the Race for the Cure by walking the whole 5K course, something she never thought she would do. Bernice encourages women to go for mammograms regularly because the lump that turned out to be cancer was so small that she and her oncologist barely felt it.
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