2016-2017 Community Grants

Cancer Patient Support Foundation - Williston, VT

Cancer Patient Support Program
Cancer Patient Support Foundation
P.O. Box 1804
Williston, VT

The Cancer Patient Support Program is designed to allow cancer patients the funds they need to get to treatment and have the highest quality of life by providing financial assistance to meet their basic needs. The program’s vision is that all patients face cancer with dignity, confidence and serenity. The online portal allows requests to be expedited; typically requests are fulfilled within 72 hours. A network of social workers and medical providers throughout the coverage area ensure that all breast cancer patients have knowledge of and access to the emergency fund. The emergency fund helps cancer patients with everyday financial needs like medical co-pays and deductibles, prescriptions, transportation, housing, utilities, household expenses, child care, caregiving services, and durable medical equipment.

Central Vermont Medical Center - Barre, VT

Central Vermont Medical Center
P.O. Box 547
Barre, VT

The goal of the program at Central Vermont Medical Center is to continue to reduce financial barriers for residents attempting to obtain recommended breast cancer screening, so that no one in Central Vermont misses a screening. More women are insured, yet many have insurance with high deductibles. Komen grant funds help women pay for breast imaging in addition to providing free preventive occupational therapy services for all women with breast cancer. Desired outcome is that physical problems are prevented and women feel supported and empowered for self-care.

Charles River Community Health - Boston, MA

The Breast Health Program at CRCH
Charles River Community Health
495 Western Avenue
Boston, MA

The Breast Health Program at CRCH aims to reduce the incidence of late-stage cancer diagnoses among medically underserved women in Allston/Brighton and Waltham, by increasing the number of women who access screenings and primary care, including mammograms and clinical breast exams. This program utilizes comprehensive patient navigation and community outreach to bring low-income, medically underserved women into care. Patient navigators work to remove financial, linguistic, cultural, and transportation barriers to accessing care and preventive screenings. Navigators schedule screening appointments, provide client education, and link to other resources, including insurance enrollment assistance or transportation assistance. Clinical case managers track screening results, provide health education, and refer women to free treatment. This program will impact 1,000 women annually with a combination of education, screening and case management services, and empower women to advocate for their care.

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital - Torrington, CT

The Pink Rose Program
Charlotte Hungerford Hospital
540 Litchfield Street
Torrington, CT

The Pink Rose Program at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital provides funds for educational outreach and screening to assure that the women of northwest Connecticut have comprehensive, coordinated access to services related to breast cancer screening and treatment. The goal of the program is to increase the number of screenings and/or diagnostic services to medically underserved women in Northwest Connecticut by addressing barriers to accessing the healthcare system.

Cornell Scott Hill Health Center - New Haven, CT

Patient Navigation for Breast Health
Cornell Scott Hill Health Center
400-428 Columbus Ave
New Haven, CT 06519-1233

The Patient Navigation for Breast Health project at Cornell Scott Hill Health Center will educate women on the importance of breast health and obtaining mammograms regularly.

Fair Haven Community Health Center - New Haven, CT

Fair Haven Mobile Mammography Program
Fair Haven Community Health Center
372 Grand Avenue
New Haven, CT

The Fair Haven Mammogram Screening Project is designed to increase the availability of mammography services to uninsured, inner-city women—primarily Latina and African-American—as well as women who have never received a screening mammogram.

Family Health Center of Worcester - Worcester, MA

Breast Health Outreach and Navigation for Low-Income, Under-served Populations
Family Health Center of Worcester
26 Queen St,
Worcester, MA

The Family Health Center of Worcester’s goal is to address significant disparities in mammography rates and cancer mortality among low-income women in Central Massachusetts by increasing access to breast health education and cancer screening services. 

Griffin Hospital - Derby, CT

Valley Breast Wellness Initiative
Griffin Hospital
130 Division Street
Derby, CT

The purpose of the Valley Breast Wellness Initiative is to provide outreach and education to all women in the greater Naugatuck Valley community about the importance of breast wellness and early detection, to identify barriers and to help clients overcome those barriers. Program staff make it possible to maintain a strong presence in neighborhoods in the Greater Valley area.

Hartford Hospital - Hartford, CT

Take the Time Mobile Mammography Program
Hartford Hospital
80 Seymour Street
Hartford, CT

A key priority of the Take the Time Mobile Mammography program is to eliminate barriers to breast cancer screening by focusing on underserved, uninsured women in local settings to facilitate early detection of breast problems. Take the Time makes it easier for women to have a screening mammogram – the best tool for identifying breast cancer in its earliest stages. The program reaches out to women who would otherwise not have access to mammography services including women without insurance coverage. This program serves the Greater Hartford areas identified by the Susan G. Komen Southern New England “Community Profile of Breast Cancer in Connecticut” as “at risk” communities.

Hispanic Health Council - Hartford, CT

Cuidate/Take Care of Yourself Program
Hispanic Health Council, Inc.
175 Main Street
Hartford, CT

The Hispanic Health Council of Hartford increases access for Latinas and other low-income populations of the Greater Hartford area to early detection and treatment services for breast cancer. The program provides support throughout the entire continuum of cancer care for a minimum of 300 Latinas and other local women facing socioeconomic disparities.

The Hospital of Central Connecticut - New Britain, CT

Breast Cancer Early Detection Program
The Hospital of Central Connecticut
100 Grand Street
New Britain, CT

Uninsured and individuals with limited insurance coverage in need of breast cancer screenings will be referred to The Hospital of Central Connecticut’s Early Detection Program for free services. This program is designed to increase awareness about breast health and importance of early detection. The ultimate goal is to get women screened and catch any cancers early in order to decrease breast cancer incidence and mortality rates in our communities.

MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center - Chelsea, MA

Breast Cancer Patient Navigation Program
MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center
151 Everett Avenue
Chelsea, MA

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) offers patient navigation services to ensure that women from underserved communities receive the necessary diagnostic work-up and, if necessary, treatment at MGH or a comparable Boston hospital/medical facility. A community-based navigator will work with patients in Charlestown, Chelsea, and Revere, through MGH HealthCare Centers. The objectives of the patient navigator are to ensure that patients who have an abnormal mammography or abnormal clinical findings arrive to a first appointment within 60 days. The navigator will also ensure that all diagnosed patients are assisted through the breast health continuum of care to address barriers to complete recommended treatment. The patient navigator is a key component of the program; identifying cases; making appointments; accompanying patients to the hospital; monitoring compliance with tests, treatments, and follow-up visits; and coordinating care with breast diagnostic/treatment center staff of the hospital.

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

Mammogram Support Fund

The New Hampshire Health and Human Services Division of Public Health Services (DHHS) program provides free breast cancer screenings to women who meet certain eligibility requirements.

Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center at Bridgeport Hospital - Fairfield, CT

Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center
Bridgeport Hospital
111 Beach Road #5
Fairfield, CT

The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center at Bridgeport Hospital provides breast health services to uninsured, underinsured and newly insured women from high-risk communities in Greater Bridgeport. The program will raise awareness, remove barriers to care and increase access to screening. This innovative outreach program is designed to increase awareness of breast health and breast care services including free and low-cost clinical breast exams, mammograms, ultrasounds and biopsies.

North Country Hospital and Health Center, Inc. - Newport, VT

Breast Cancer Outreach Project
North Country Hospital and Health Center
189 Prouty Dr
Newport, VT

Northwestern Medical Center, Inc. - St. Albans, VT

The Northwestern Medical Center Breast Care Access
Northwestern Medical Center
133 Fairfield Street
St. Albans, VT

The Northwestern Medical Center (NMC) Breast Care Access Program engages underinsured Franklin County women in the continuum of breast care by provide transportation for breast care, free mammography screenings, and holding alternative clinic hours. The program provides direct service for women that are experiencing barriers to care due to high co-pay or deductible costs, transportation issues, or lack of sick time to attend medical appointments and will also raise awareness in the community of programs available to support breast health.

Project Access New Haven - New Haven, CT

PA-NH Breast Health Navigation Program
Project Access New Haven
150 Sargent Avenue
New Haven, CT

Project Access New Haven provides intensive patient navigation for underserved patients with urgent specialty care needs, including diagnostic testing and treatment for breast cancer. Since opening in September 2010, the program has navigated 1000+ patients and coordinated the delivery of more than $16 million in donated care though extensive volunteer provider network. Patients experience reduced wait-times and high show-rates for medical appointments and report improved health and quality of life, increased ease of getting care and following treatment recommendations, and high program satisfaction at 1-year follow-up.

Planned Parenthood of Southern New England - New Haven, CT

Breast Health Patient Navigator Program
Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, Inc.
345 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT

The patient navigator program provides support to Planned Parenthood of Southern New England patients who have abnormal clinical breast exams and need to obtain follow up services. The navigator program will primarily serve uninsured and underinsured women (those with high deductible plans), with a focus on women of color and Spanish-speaking women.

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England

Breast Health Care for Uninsured and Low-Income Women
Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, Inc.

Southwestern Vermont Health Care Foundation - Bennington, VT

SVMC Breast Care Program
Southwestern Vermont Health Care & Medical Center
100 Hospital Drive
Bennington, VT

The program serves women in Bennington County, VT, who have insurance but may have a high-deductible plan or who may not have time to get screened during the work week. The program has three goals: increase access to screening mammograms and diagnostic testing; raise awareness about the importance of early detection; and provide support and comfort to women with breast cancer. The project activities include providing funds for screening mammograms and diagnostic testing for up to 35 women who are unable to pay but do not qualify for other forms of assistance; executing an awareness campaign to reach 1,000 older and/or less educated women with a message about the importance of early detection; increasing access for 100 working women and busy mothers through a series of Screening Saturday events; giving comfort items and support books to 50 breast cancer patients who undergo treatment at SVMC.

St. Vincent's Medical Center - Bridgeport, CT

St. Vincent’s Women’s Imaging Center (SWIM)
St. Vincent’s Medical Center
2800 Main Street
Bridgeport, CT

St. Vincent’s Medical Center offers patient navigation specifically focused on coordination of care, follow up and outreach for breast health patients. The purpose of the program is to work collaboratively with the Women’s Imaging Center and Mobile Mammography team to identify high-risk women in medically underserved populations to reduce the rate of breast cancer mortality through early detection, education, care coordination, and removal of barriers to care.

University of Connecticut Health- Farmington, CT

Community Breast Navigator
University of Connecticut Health
263 Farmington Ave
Farmington, CT

University of Vermont College of Medicine - Burlington, VT

20th Annual Women’s Health and Cancer Conference
The University of Vermont Cancer Center
The Courtyard at Given
4th Floor North
89 Beaumont Avenue
Burlington, VT

On October 6, 2017, the UVM Cancer Center will hosts its 20th Annual Women’s Health and Cancer Conference. The majority of educational content will be focused on breast cancer. The event brings more than 800 patients, physicians, researchers, caregivers, and community members from the VT, NH, and surrounding region together for a full-day of learning. Topics include information clinical trials, prevention, screening, treatment, wellness, health policy, survivorship and more. Residents in our rural region face obstacles when accessing health care resources and may be challenged in finding reliable information about research, prevention and screening, counseling and diagnostics, and therapeutics, warranting a significant need for this free event.

Wheeler Clinic - Plainville, CT

Bristol Breast Health Patient Navigation Program
Wheeler Clinic, Inc.
91 Northwest Drive
Plainville, CT

The Bristol Breast Health Patient Navigation Program at Wheeler Clinic will increase outreach, patient awareness of breast health and breast cancer services, and access to breast health services and eliminate barriers to care. Patient education, engagement and support among low-income and asset-limited, income constrained patients, patients of color, and other vulnerable populations at entry points to service are critical needs.

Witness Project CT - Bridgeport, CT

Learn and Link Patient Navigation Project
The Witness Project of CT, Inc.
2470 Fairfield Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06605

The goals of the education and patient navigation project are two fold; provide culturally appropriate breast health education to African American women utilizing the Witness Project’s evidence based education model and provide managerial services through the patient navigator for women referred to us, or who self identify that they have not had a mammogram in the past 12 months. The later woman is reached in education sessions conducted for churches and the community service organizations that serve low income women. The group education sessions utilize lay health advisors and witness role models to educate and discuss breast health.

YWCA of Greater Lawrence - Lawrence, MA

Breast Health Outreach and Education Project
YWCA of Greater Lawrence
38 Lawrence Street
Lawrence, MA

YWCA Women’s Health Advocacy Services (WHAS) targets medically under-served Latinas in Greater Lawrence where 73% of the population is Latino, many of whom are immigrants. Barriers impeding their access to healthcare are language, lack of health insurance or knowledge of how to obtain it, lack of a primary care doctor, lack of knowledge about preventive care, inability to pay co-pays, and/or concern over immigration status. WHAS employs four part-time bilingual Health Ambassadors who change or even save lives by distributing information and making referrals for mammograms, scheduling mammograms, assisting in applying for health insurance, sending appointment reminders, and helping to arrange follow-up care. They hold charlas, small intimate information sessions in homes, churches, hair salons, and places familiar to Latinas. In 2015, 332 women were referred for mammograms, 273 received them, 59 are pending, and 146 enrolled in health insurance.